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New album from JJ Hairston!!!

One of my favorite Gospel singers, J.J. Hairston, is reuniting with fellow artist Deon Kipping for a new album. I’m so excited!!!

Their new record called “Great and Mighty God” from JJ Hairston and Youthful Praise starts in digital format October 9th.  And yes, I already got mine and it’s amazing!!! J.J. Hairston himself is quoted as saying “I wanted to show our diversity.  This song has a Pop music flavor but its still the message of Jesus and the vocals are soulful.”

Great and Mighty God also brings back the majesty of RCA Inspiration recording artist Deon Kipping as a complement to Youthful Praise. Kipping and Hairston wrote Youthful Praise’s smash hit “Incredible God, Incredible Praise” almost 10 years ago.  This important reunion will definitely strike a chord with YP gospel music lovers as well as their long time fans. Check it out!

A Short History of Gospel Music since 1960

Initially, gospel music was a religious music that talked of God. People could listen to it only in the churches. Gospel music had an impact on the lifestyle of people and helped them change for the better. Gospel music has quickly expanded and become very popular. Today, gospel music is considered to be the part of the American culture. It should be noted that gospel music has its own rich, long and interesting history. The history of gospel music dates back to the 1800’s in “negro spirituals” but really had a noticeable transformation in the 1960s.

Gospel music began to change in the 1970s. This period of gospel music history is known as “Jesus Movement”. After these changes gospel music became industry itself. Larry Norman, Marsha Stevens, Nancy Honeytree and Chuck Girard are suggested to be the best artists of that period of gospel music’s history. It goes without saying that these artists played a key role in the history of gospel music. Initially, gospel music was the music that talked about Jesus. However, the artists have changed it significantly. As a result, gospel music became more universally acceptable

The “Jesus Movement” ended at the beginning of 1980’s. Rock and metal music began to gain the popularity during this period of time, and have now become an accepted part of gospel music. Bloodgood, Petra, Stryper, and Undercover are known as the beginning rockers. (more…)

Evolution and Growth of Gospel Music

Gospel music is the music that speaks of God and salvation. People could listen to gospel music only in churches and organs till 1960s. However, gospel music has been growing and evolving for more than 30 years. It has changed significantly over the time. Gospel music has been diversified with drums, electric guitars and many other musical instruments. News styles of gospel music have appeared and become available to the public. Here, we are going to talk about the evolution and growth of gospel music.

Today, people can listen to gospel music not only in the church. You can also listen to gospel music on radio and on TV. People can also listen to gospel music in concert halls. Various festivals are also organized by people. Now we have major festivals, like the one in Branson, Missouri, where it’s not uncommon to have a performing artist roll up in a limousine – something you never would have seen before. Obviously, gospel music has grown significantly, and it is becoming more and more popular year after year.

Gospel music has expanded and it is available in different styles now. There are following styles of gospel music available at the moment: rock gospel music, country music, pop gospel music, rap gospel music, urban gospel and others. There is even gospel music for children. Each style of gospel music has its own distinguishing features. Gospel music songs are available in a vast variety. This means that every Christian will be able to select gospel music that corresponds to his taste in the best way. (more…)

Main Styles of Gospel Music

Gospel music was mainly performed in churches up until the 1960s.  When that change occurred, gospel music became available to the public. Today, gospel music is very popular, and its popularity constantly increases. Now, there are several styles of gospel music. Here, we are going to talk about different styles of gospel music.

Adult Contemporary Christian Music
Adult contemporary Christian music is known for its lighter and softer style. Despite the fact that it includes the modern pop elements, this style of gospel music is popular among people who are about 35-50 years old. Sometimes Pop Contemporary artists decide to change their music style to Adult Contemporary when they are getting older.

Christian Bluegrass
Some people think that gospel music of this style is slow and simple. Special
attention should be drawn to the fact that Christian Bluegrass is technically difficult. This gospel music style is diverse and perfectly combines various electric instruments such as acoustic guitars, banjos, dobros, fiddles and mandolins.

Christian Country Music
This style of country music is faith based. Country music is about real life. This style of country music has several sub-genres such as “honky tonk” and “outlaw country.” The artists of this country music style seem to win a lot of music awards. (more…)

What is Gospel Music?

Would you like to get familiar with Gospel music? In this guide, you will find a lot of information about Gospel music. First of all, we will provide you with the overall information about the musical genre. Here, we will also tell you about the history of Gospel music and famous Gospel artists.

Gospel music is a genre that consists of numerous sub-genres. It includes both the original Negro spirituals and the contemporary Christian songs. The genre mainly deals with religious themes. So, it is focused on African-American traditional spirituals and Caucasian religious hymnals. But Gospel music mainly reflects the traditions of the African-American church.

The history of Gospel music dates back to the late 1800’s. Initially, the music was used in the worship services of African-American churches. Gospel music was sung mostly at church, where the songs were sung in a choir. So, a choir became the tradition of the gospel music. Choir members were a group of volunteer singers. They wore choir stoles and were easily distinguished from other people. The music that was sung by the gospel choir corresponded to the “call and response” format of traditional hymns and sacred songs.

However, Gospel music changed significantly at the end of 1930’s. Thomas A. Dorsey (who was a former jazz pianist and composer) made his own contribution to Gospel music. He added blues and jazz to the traditional style of the gospel music. The new style of the gospel music was rejected at first, but it was accepted later. As a result, the new form of traditional gospel has appeared. It is known as “gospel blues.” The new style of Gospel music continued to evolve until the end of 1930’s.

As it is known, the music has always played a very important role in Christian worship. When the first Christian churches were founded, music became an internal part of worship. Hymns for congregational singing were composed during the times of the Protestant movement. Composers used different types of music for creating new hymns. Such hymns were also used when Europeans started colonizing America. Gospel music has helped the ideals of Christianity to spread in different countries all over the world.

Gospel music was sung by black and white performers. A lot of white performers achieved great results and became popular in the Southern gospel music genre. However, it was more difficult for black gospel music performers to gain popularity. That’s why they often tried to succeed in other musical genres such as blues, boogie-woogie and jazz. (more…)

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